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The easiest way of getting in touch with us is to use this contact form - we need your name and email address to be able to get back to you; include your address or telephone number should you wish us to write or telephone you.

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You can also write or telephone.

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If you'd like to write to us, then please use this address:

Furness Railway Trust
105 Station Road
LA11 7NY

If you would to make a donation to support our activities, please send a cheque made payable to "Furness Railway Trust", to:

Furness Railway Trust
5 Beech Road
L36 5TS

If you'd like to speak to us, then please note that the Trust has no paid staff and the numbers given here are home numbers, so please be patient! You can call the Chairman Tim Owen on (015395) 58701. This number should also be used for any inquiries regarding the hiring of Furness Railway Number 205643 or Cumbria, or in connection with our folk group Live Steam.

The webmaster is the Trust's Publicity Officer Neil Smith, who can be contacted on (07773) 942 587.

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