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Registered Charity 1163073

The Furness Railway Trust is a registered Charitable Incorporated Organisation or CIO, with around 200 members.

An Annual General Meeting is held every year, at which Trustees are elected.  All Trustees serve for a term of three years, with elections for one third of the the total number held each year to provide continuity. The Constitution of the CIO allows Trustees to serve multiple terms of office subject to their wishes, and to being re-elected! The Trustees have agreed that, barring resignations, the key posts of Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer should come up for re-election across the three year cycle, again to provide continuity.

The current Trustees are:

Tim Owen (Chairman)
Neil Smith (Secretary, Publicity Officer)
David Rimmer (Treasurer)
Michael Rigg (Membership Secretary)
Alan Middleton (Editor, The Iron Horse magazine)
Keith Brewer
John Dixon
Peter Van Zeller

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