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Live Steam play live concerts regularly. If you want to hear them in the flesh, then visit their up-to-date Gig Guide.

If you can't wait for the next live performance, have a listen to the excerpts on this page!

We have tracks from the CD Silver Jubilee - and some from the band's earlier cassettes for you to listen to online.

Click here to hear "Spanish Lady" "The Spanish Lady" (excerpt)
Track 3 of the CD "Silver Jubilee" - this is Live Steam's adaptation of this traditional folk song.
Click here to hear "Ye Jacobites" "Ye Jacobites" (excerpt)
Another traditional song given the Live Steam treatment - track 8 on "Silver Jubilee".
Click here to hear "Black Leg Miner"

"Black Leg Miner" (excerpt)
Telling the tale of miners who weren't in the union and demonstrating Live Steam's a cappella singing and instrumental work on the CD.

Click here to hear Footplate Cuisine "Footplate Cuisine" (excerpt)
Written for the band by Dave Goulder, this Live Steam classic can be found on the cassettes "Still Steaming" and "Down the Pan but Still Steaming".
Click here to hear Navvy on the Line

"Navvy on the Line" (excerpt)
A traditional folk song about one of the marauding gangers who built the railways, and their colourful lives!

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Now see Live Steam, LIVE! Visit the Gig Guide!

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