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The Furness Railway Trust has a fantastic and unique collection of rolling stock. Now, in a joint development with the Ribble Steam Railway, a new insulated shed building that will provide a base where our locomotives can be overhauled and restored is nearing completion. It will also enable the FRT to renovate and protect its fleet of vintage carriages. 

In all, the development will provide covered accommodation for around 840 feet of track at an estimated total cost in excess of £300,000. The FRT has been given the opportunity to fund and purchase up to half of this new building.

The FRT has been putting funds aside for such a development, but there is currently a forecast shortfall of £60,000 to acquire half of the new shed when the FRT also has to find the money for the current overhaul of "Cumbria". 

With its growing collection of vehicles, the FRT needs every single foot of track space being offered. However, the amount of covered accommodation that the FRT can purchase will depend on how much cash it can raise – and there is limited time in which to achieve this.

The FRT is asking for donations towards this appeal, but that is not the only way in which people can help. Assistance with fundraising events and offers of interest-free loans would also be welcomed. Although £60,000 might appear to be a lot of money, it could, perhaps, be thought of as 96 gift aided donations of £500 – and there would then the added pleasure of knowing that the Chancellor would have contributed £12,000 to the cause! 

Please complete the form and send it to our Treasurer as soon as possible. This is a tremendous opportunity for the FRT to acquire a high quality home that will not only protect its precious assets, but also provide vital facilities for its overhaul and restoration projects. Remember, each Gift Aid donation of £500 will enable the FRT to purchase an additional 21” of track shed space. Such donations do not have to be made in a lump sum. A weekly contribution of the price of a pint of beer (say £2.50) over four years would raise £520, plus a further £130 in Gift Aid. Any size of donation will be welcomed.

There will be a permanent roll of names on display in the new building to record those who have given or raised £500 towards the FRT’s share of the new building. You may wish to take the opportunity to place the name of a loved one on the roll. All donors of £100 or more will receive a certificate and be invited to a special event at the new shed.

The FRT has a long standing need for its own restoration facilities as it develops its role as a provider of locomotives and rolling stock for the heritage railway sector. It is the Trust's vision that this workshop will become the restoration and overhaul base for the working fleet, which will operate on heritage lines up and down the country, and on the RSR itself.

Dave Watkins, Chairman of RSR, said "We were more than happy to offer the FRT any help we could, and we're delighted to be working closely with them moving forward. Both parties are now actively engaged in planning an appropriate building on our land to house a suitable workshop & museum for the FRT."

Tim Owen, FRT Chairman, said "We want to achieve a partnership that will be appropriate, and beneficial, to both bodies. The RSR offer is undoubtedly attractive, including access to the considerable engineering and lifting facilities already at Preston and the railway to test newly restored items."

Ribble Steam Railway (Regd Charity 507266) is a heritage railway in Preston's docklands, with a running line of 1½ miles. The site is a museum housing one of the largest collections of industrial steam, diesel and electric locomotives in the country.

This proposal has the backing of consultants hired by the FRT to examine the best location for a Museum and Workshop.


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